AER Refurbished Systems

Dealing with an experienced company is important when looking for new filtration systems or for repair, refurbishment or replacement parts for an existing filtration system. No one in the market place has more experience or greater range of knowlege on all air filtration equipment.

AER Refurbished Systems can provide engineering site surveys and provide complete collection system design, including hoods, enclosure and duct system design, turnkey installation as well as maintenance and repair services. Should you have an older collection system that is not performing well or, a system that works well that needs to be relocated or altered, AER Refurbished Systems can provide application engineering, system redesign, unit modification, repair and reinstallation services.

Product Design

Our engineering staff will design a custom air filtration system to meet the needs of your company and today's environmental requirements.
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AER Systems offers a wide range of services for all your filtration systems from maintenance, refurbishment and filter replacement.
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